Looking for a social media quick fix?

Then don’t read this.

This post from Marc Meyer struck a chord this morning. Marc brings to light one of the dark secrets all social media strategists face, and that’s that people who are new to social media often expect to have a strategy document handed to them that will instantly rocket them to “social media stardom”. In a week. Sometimes overnight. Ain’t gonna happen people.

You don’t just create a dozen profiles and start broadcasting your greatness to the universe. Social media is something that grows organically. You have to feed it and nurture relationships in order for them to stay viable and build your reputation as a company or an individual.

I usually recommend starting slowly and seeing where the conversations take you. Joining a bunch of networks all at once is often fatally crippling because it’s just too much to absorb all at once and the learning curve, while not very steep individually, can be staggering when trying to learn the etiquette of individual networks, creating relationships simultaneously on multiple levels etc. The direction you need to take and networks to participate on  changes as your strategy gets results and evolves.

When will you see return? I can’t predict that for sure either. Like all forms of networking it’s about what the people in your network do that creates the buzz about you and your interaction with your network that decides that.Not the number of profiles or followers or even number of messages you send out.

My job is to help you understand what networks fit your goals best, help you evaluate your progress and brainstorm ideas to get the buzz started. I believe long term engagement pays off. That’s why I’m a social media coach and not a social media consultant. When you work with me I’m in it for the long haul to support you and help you find the best track. I’m not here for a quick fix. There isn’t one.

There, that’s my rant. I feel better now.