Social Media Plan Creation: TeleClass

People often tell me they would get into social media, but it takes too much time. I’ll be the first to admit that it CAN take a lot of time, but also the first to tell you it doesn’t have to. It’s all about doing your homework before you dive in so you know where tho spend your time in the most effective way and then building a strategy to get it done.

I’ll be doing a 1 hour tele-class Thursday Dec 11 at 5 PM (PST) called “Social Media- Get in the Game”. The class will cover ways to find the right networks to meet your goals and give you tips and tricks on engaging in social media and reaping its rewards without spending all day grooming your networks to get there.

Why a teleclass and not a webinar? I want this to be an interactive experience for everybody, there will be lots of time for questions and discussion about the various networks and how to work with them effectively.

You can  listen to the recorded tele-class. and Download the workbook for building your own social media plan click here to get you started on the right foot. 

  • Raquel

    Thanks so much for the class last night. You made a good case for social media and how to get started without drowning!!!

  • Your class was awesome. I'm totally pimping you out now 😀

  • DavidR

    I learned a lot about social media and how building a plan first makes it easier to use social media effectively. You are an amazing coach and I will be connecting with you in the new year to start your program. Thank you so much for helping me understand how this can change my business.

  • Thanks everyone. I'm happy to hear the social media plan class was effective.
    I'll be planning regular tele-class sessions next year, each focusing on different areas of interest. I hope to see you there!

  • Eugene Maris

    I've worked through the whole plan and come up with a solid game plan to get rolling for 2009. Thanks for making the process clearer to us. Enjoying your blog too Janet, you are a wonderful coach.