Intro to Social Media Optimization

It used to be that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was the thing to do, and everybody had to have their site optimized for search engines. Well you still do, but you may have noticed that a lot of the keywords you’ve been optimizing your static website for are getting taken over by sites that take advantage of social media to get the word out.
So what is SMO (Social Media Optimization) and how can you optimize your site to get some of the social media love flowing your way?

Social Media Optimization is simply making your site as friendly as possible by adding ways for users to to share your content with their friends, bookmark it on various social media bookmarking sites, or add their own comments, creating a way for people to talk about your company online and –most important– get involved in the discussions going on around your business.

You can extend the value of your website by adding content to social media sites so people can start the conversation there and then come to your website, or better yet, carry on the conversation in person.

Here are a few ways to optimize your site with and for social media

  • Upload videos, product demos or presentations to video sharing sites like Youtube and Seesmic
  • Set up forums for consumer feedback or support
  • Create portable content like download-able presentations, PDF’s, whitepapers and Ebooks
  • Talk back to your users, link to their websites and add comments (value) to their sites
  • Create widgets or RSS feeds of important content so it can be shared
  • Add ways for people to share or bookmark with ShareThis or similar sharing tools

Want to learn more about SMO? Take a look at Rohit Bhargava’s post that started a lot of early discussions about SMO, and Jeremiah Owyang’s response to it. Michael Brito shares a really great slide-deck he used explaining social media bookmarking at Cisco.

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Michael Brito

Hi Janet – thank you for the mention! I appreciate it.


Michael Britos last blog post..Social Bookmarking learning series at Cisco Systems


My pleasure Michael,
There’s lots to learn on your blog, I read it quite often.


Good information here, I already pay for SEO services and now must ask my consultant to read this to do SMO for my site. This will be helpful, thanks.


This seems like a lot of work. Do you really think there is enough payoff to justify all of this?


Geekymama, yes absolutely! It’s a lot of work up-front but the payoff comes in and builds on itself pretty quickly. It’s also much more cost effective than traditional marketing methods.


Really good info here. Thanks. You give some food for thought for our up-coming redesign and I will contact you about that soon.


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