Social media – Just the starting point

I did a session on Twitter at the the Nonprofit Technology Conference #NTC09 yesterday, and I’m back here today for more. What an amazing energy you get from so many good people all in one place. I met at least 30 people with whom I look forward to creating a lasting relationship sharing and learning from each other. Last night I heard about a Tweetup from Chris Brogan and met several of the new fellows of the Society for New Communications Research, #SNCR who are here for the NewComm Forum and the Inbound Marketing Summit #IMS09 (I’ll be there tomorrow). Tonight I’m going to three separate events where I expect to meet even more people, put faces to Twitter and LinkedIn connections and deepen relationships I’ve started online or start new ones.

All this is not to name drop or even talk about the conferences themselves.(Trust me, there will be plenty of that later) It is to say that Twitter, Facebook, all these social media sites are only a part of being social. Sure, we can listen to the conversations, see the video, the Flickr feeds and the live blogging of these events, but at some point you need to actually personally connect with people to grow your relationships.

It’s also to say that if I hadn’t already known some of these people through social media I wouldn’t have met them at all or learned all  this great stuff about them, their lives and what they do. If I hadn’t been watching my Twitter stream, I would have missed a number of opportunities to connect.

So listen, living virtually and enjoying conferences remotely has it’s virtues, and some of these conferences are expensive, so I don’t blame you if you don’t go to a ton of them, but find some other way to connect. Deepen your social media relationships through email, phone or better yet face to face. How lucky am I to be where all of these people are in one city and I can spend quality time with them?

Very very.

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Eddie Harran

I wish I lived over here sometimes Jane….


That's the beauty of social media, no matter where you live you can engage and create relationships! (Nice to get some Face to face too though!)


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