Social media contests-inexpensive marketing at it's best?

Recently we’ve seen a lot more games and contests on Twitter vying for attention. A couple I’ve been involved in, the Social Media Trivia Quiz for Composica and Twickets for the Pinot Wine Summit, were quite successful at building visibility quickly and fun to boot. Social media seems to be populated with legions of games that promote and entertain at the same time. Why not? We’re here at least in part to have fun right?

This post on Social Signal showed up in my RSS feeds the other day and Alexandra shares some really good tips for how you can reap the rewards of our need to play without spending big bucks to do it. She uses Twitter as an example, but there are lots of other social media tools that can be effective to get the word out and engage current and new users.

  • is running a video contest right now called “Ready2Move“. win $10,000 for telling the story of why YOU need to move.
  • Opera (the browser) ran a contest to build their following called Facebook on Speed Dial and gained 600 new members for the price of a few stickers and t-shirts.
  • Beyond contests, some companies have had success with Twitter coupons, like the ones sent by twtQpon.

Not all contests go as planned. Molson ran a Facebook contest asking users to send pictures of themselves partying it up with Molson. Um, dumb idea? It became apparent pretty quickly that people reveal a bit too much about themselves on Facebook on occasion (oopsie), and the campaign was pulled.

So, what have you got to promote? How can I help you with that?

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