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Social Media Coaching CenterWhen people ask me what I like most about being a social media coach it’s a tough question. There’s so many things I love about what I do. I meet the most amazing people, get to learn about what they do, how they look at their business and find ways for them to reach out to new clients, build their brand and establish themselves at the center of their own networks. I show them how this stuff works and that means I get to learn about new tools and networks as they come out so I can find just the right fit for each client.

It may seem mundane to some, scary for others, but for me this is a LOT of fun. It’s what gets me jazzed every day. As I’ve grown my social media coaching practice I’ve written a book (Social Media Success! ) spoken across the country at a number of events, led hands on workshops and boardroom training sessions and I’ve gathered a lot of information about networks, gadgets, tools and techniques that I share with my clients.

Now I’d like to share that information with you. I talked to some of the coaches and consultants I really respect and asked them to add their considerable knowledge to the Social Media Coaching Center. This site offers a way for you to learn step by step how to use the tools and networks that make social media useful as well as fun.

No matter what your learning style is there will be something there for you. We have videos, step by step tutorials, podcasts and webinars on everything from email marketing and SEO to social media strategy and how-tos. There is a weekly social media Q&A class every Monday where you can ask your questions and have them answered by people who have established themselves in the field.

Take a look at the new site and give me your feedback. Tell me what you’d like to see us cover as the site grows and we’ll add it to our to-do list! The site will be free until November and then there will be a nominal monthly fee for access. Check it out now at

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