Social Media and Politics

The number of ways to put social media to good use are endless, and it’s fascinating to see how people gather together in the various communities to support causes or talk about the news of the day. It’s also amazing how social media allows us to pull together initiatives so much faster than ever before.

The upcoming presidential debates are certainly the focus of the moment and the buzz is building to a fever pitch in so many places at once it will be impossible to track them all. Fortunately most will be archived for our after viewing pleasure and as the critiques roll out it will be interesting to see which ones served their users best.

Want to get in on some of the fun? Here are just a few of the ways you can watch both the debate and interactively participate and hear what others in the community have to say.Twitter is the center for almost all of these discussions, and they’ve got a mash-up on the site of all of the tagged responses to the debate.

Jeremiah Owyang writes about his idea to rank the debate, tagging your Tweets with #tweetdebate thusly

  Example: A proper tweet is: “Mccain +1 for articulating his energy policy #tweetdebate”
Example: A proper tweet is: “Obama -3 for calling McCain an old fart #tweetdebate”
Example: A proper tweet is: “Mccain +3 for great line: “It’s the economy stupid” #tweetdebate”

Over at you can watch the Tweets fly by at the same time as the debate and add your own voice to the site through Twitter. Current will as many of your debate tweets as possible right over Obama & McCain, in real time, on their live broadcast.

Of course there are several drinking games proposed, based on the candidates likely sound bites. Several drinking games are proposed as well, including this one from CoachDeb. “R U up 4 drinkin game 2nite while u watch debate? Rules #obamashot every time Obama says “change” & #mccainshot when McCain says “my friends”.

I’m sure there are more opportunities. Add yours in the comments field, and then get ready to watch the debate.