Social Giving- Help Daniela and her family

One of the wonders of social media is how quickly word can spread about a friend in need or a worthwhile cause. Look at Charity Water, which has raised thousands of dollars to supply water to villages that desperately need it.

Daniela and her three children find themselves in an impossible situation and with a little help from a friendly blogger they just may find a way out of it. Daniela and her children escaped an abusive relationship only to lose their home from lack of funds. She’s working as a housekeeper but is barely making enough to put food on the table. Daniela’s family is far away and she doesn’t have much local support, but she does have some very good friends in David Armano and his wife who took them in and are working to get them enough funds to get an apartment and get back on their feet.

David is collecting funds through Chip in, a service that accepts donations in small amounts through PayPal. It’s easy and safe to donate and it takes less than a minute of your time. Click the link in the widget below, or go to David’s site to read her story yourself. Then tell your friends and help spread the word.