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Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Events

One aspect of my job and volunteer responsibilities is marketing events online. When there is an up-coming event I reach out to the various listing sites like Upcoming, Eventbrite etc. and make sure the events are properly listed to get the most coverage possible for the event. Recently though I’ve noticed a humongous up tick in search engine results for my clients from event and scheduling sites.

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Let’s take the riding class recently offered by my friends and clients at Bright Ranch in San Martin , Ca. If you know me personally you know I get down to the ranch as often as I can to ride and so of course I’m happy to help them with their social media and online marketing as well.

Trainer Dennis Bright offered an all day horsemanship seminar last week and I helped them through the process of setting up ticketing on Eventbrite and distributing the information to a few event announcement sites as well. I also put it up on my own Plancast page and shared it with my friends. Now Dennis has a big personal following already, and those who knew him just called and made their reservations over the phone or in person, so the first run at Eventbrite was less than successful, but he still had an excellent turnout and we all had a great time. All good.

Long story short
As part of my follow up I did some searches to see where else the listing had ended up. You see most of these sites also share their content with local newspapers for their online audience, other events and calendar sites. The event created 5 pages of listings on a Google Search before the quality started to degrade! A quick look at the site stats showed an increase of 301.77% in unique visits.

Creating your own event marketing strategy
What’s the secret? Well I guess I’d say it’s getting the event out early enough beforehand so the various sites have time to pick it up. I love eventbrite for tickets so we do all the ticketing there and then posted on Upcoming, Yelp, Eventful, Facebook and Plancast and a few other event sites specific to the locale and then let the search and distribution engines do their magic.

This isn’t just for offline events either. I recently presented a webinar for Biz360 on listening tools for social media. The day before the event I did a quick search and although they hadn’t posted it on event sites someone had it on their plancast calendar and it showed up as the 4th result in a search for “Janet Fouts”. (It showed up in Google alerts. I don’t really spend all day Googling myself, honest!)

All of this has been quite educational to watch and you can be sure I’ll be fine tuning my social media coaching around events and online marketing in the future. So should you!

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John Pruitt

Great article Janet. I'm passing this on to Terre too. Very pertinent to those who schedule lots of events and are wondering what the online returns are or a good timetable to start from. As always, you're a peach 🙂 Thanks!


Hi Janet!

Thanks again for sharing your expertise with us during the Biz360 webinar. I think it was me that posted it on Plancast and Facebook. Interesting that Plancast ranked higher on Google than FB.



Janet Fouts

Yes, it was interesting that Plancast had it so high.It seems to spike close to the event and then fairly quickly afterwards it drops again…


I agree John.This is really a great article.Thanks for sharing such a nice information.
Have a nice time..!!!

Craig Mason

Hi Janet! Just found your blog, and I loved this post.

I'm in local SEO, and was thinking about doing a seminar for business owners mostly to help them out and at the same time show I have something to offer. Would you suggest doing this for free? Or charging a nominal fee to cover costs.


Janet Fouts

Hi Craig,
I'm sure local businesses would appreciate a seminar like that. If you're going to teach local businesses something they can use you should charge enough to cover your time and expenses. However, if it's a sales pitch chalk the expenses up to marketing and offer it for free.


Thanks for sharing these stuff. I'll keep these in mind for future campaigns I'll handle. Maybe give a new approach on how I do SEO.


Thanks for sharing these stuff. I'll keep these in mind for future campaigns I'll handle. Maybe give a new approach on how I do SEO.


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