Scribe SEO for WordPress

I thought I knew quite a bit about search engine optimization until I found this nifty new tool called Scribe. Even though I optimize sites for search engines as part of my daily duties, it can be tedious and there is always more to learn. Unless you do this for a living it’s probably not the central part of your day now is it?

So how do you learn SEO techniques and see how it relates to your own content online? If you’re like me, you want to get your hands dirty and see SEO best practices as they apply to your actual content instead of reading an e-book and then trying to see how it relates to what you do.

That’s where Scribe comes in. Install the plugin, write your content and analyze it to see how to fine tune it for search engine optimization, learn some best practices and really get an understanding of how all this works. Analyze it again until you gt the results you’re looking for.

Here’s a video I put together to show you how it works on a post and what I do when I use it in WordPress.

You can also use Scribe with other types of sites and here are videos for Scribe for Joomla, and Scribe for Drupal too.

When you consider what it can cost to hire a web copywriter who understands SEO this plugin is quite the deal. How does that old proverb go? “Teach a girl to fish”??

Anyway, here’s a link to Scribe Plans and Prices

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