Qwitter I Qwit You

Qwitter is a Twitter helper app. that sends you an email when one of your followers quits following you, with a copy of the post that sent them over the Twitter  edge.

I signed up for Qwitter a few weeks ago, and it was pretty  interesting seeing who stopped following my updates and for what kinds of Tweets.

Some quit following when I made personal comments or replies and others when the post pertained to information that just wasn’t in their area of interest. Some seemed quite arbitrary, sort of like if I just posted one more Tweet  about FriendFeed they just couldn’t take it anymore.

Overall, it was an interesting experiment in what makes people un-follow, but it was distracting trying to analyze why particular Tweets set people off.

So Qwitter,  I qwit you. It was a short affair and now I feel better  about my Twiter relationships. I can move forward with my Twitter life knowing that the ebb and flow of following is going on without obsessing over the details. It’s better this way for both of us.

  • Hey Janet 🙂 I'm a new reader of your blog. I find it very funny because I did the same thing earlier today. While interesting at first, it grew to be rather distracting.

    – Scott from http://scottdig.com

  • Janet

    Hi Scott,
    I really think Qwitter is interesting for a bit, but I don't think the posts they choose to stop following for are really relevant.

    I did a quick informal poll after the last few Qwitters (weren't THEY surprised) Sometimes it's because I didn't follow them back and sometimes it's because of a different post, or just because the posts I was making weren't in their area of interest.

    If you're not into social media, new apps or Apple I can be quite boring apparently! I don't think I'll change the way I post because of it.

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  • You have to try everything once right. Of course I jumped on the band wagon too odd thing was I never got emails with updates. Well I take that back I did get one maybe two then they stopped coming. I went as far as to write an article about how wonderful of a tool it was. Needless to say I also opted out since it became distracting. I now really don't care since I am starting to groove with the ones that are following me.