Plodt for Your Twitter Trends

Yes, its’s another silly Web 2.0 name for a Twitter app. Go figure. But as with many of these little tools it has it’s uses. Oh, and there’s a Facebook widget too. Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Plodt is a graphing tool for Twitter. Going to CES and you want to see what everybody is tweeting? Follow Plodt, then Tweet as usual but add a tag for relevance. Your Tweet might look like this: Can’t wait to get to *CES* to see all the goodies!

Plodt will see the asterisks and track it and you can view your Plodt at http://www.plodt/yourusername. Pretty cool if you need to track something, but even better if you want so see the popular trends people are already Plodting. There’s already a good deal of traffic Plodting the newest episode of Top Chef and some interesting streams around *food*, *movies* and even *mood*.

Check out Plodt for yourself and then tell us what you thought of it. Time waster? Essential business tool? Yet another silly app and you’re supervised I even wrote about it?

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