The pack attacks – or WTF were you thinking Kenneth Cole?

By now you’ve heard of Kenneth Cole’s Twitter fiasco. This isn’t the first such blunder, nor will it likely be the last. So what lessons can we take away from this kind of thing?

  • You are not in a vacuum.
  • Anything you say online is instantly permanent
  • There are no take-backs
  • Think before you say something “cute”
  • Social media types love to skewer high profile people for gaffes
  • All press is NOT good PR
  • Blah, blah, blah.

    You KNOW this right?

So just don’t make it easy. Think before you speak and if you do say something stupid you can’t take it down so don’t even attempt to hide it. Apologize sincerely and move on. Anything else just fuels the fire and if you get a back and forth started you’ll end up with a spoofer like @KennethColePR and it will spiral out of your control.

Will this end Kenneth Cole’s brand or permanently damage his reputation? I doubt it. It’s the social media gaffe of the day. Somebody else will do it tomorrow and we’ll all move on. Is Kenneth Cole an ASS? That’s for you to decide.

Here’s what some of the press thinks:

BNET: Millions in Uproar Over @KennethCole on #Twitter; Rumor Is, He’s a D*ck
WSJ: Kenneth Cole Apologizes For Tweet About Egyptian Protests
Fast Company: Kenneth Cole’s Tone-Deaf Tweet! Vodafone’s Coerced Texts! Salad Dressing Drug Charges! Business Misadventures in Egypt Multiply
NY Mag: Kenneth Cole Tries to Plug His Spring Line by Making Light of the Crisis in Egypt
PC World: Kenneth Cole Feels Wrath of the Web After Egypt Twitter Gaffe
HuffPost: The Funniest @KennethColePR Tweets Yet

Hey, if you’ve got any more, add to the list. Why not, he’s fair game for now.

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  • Updated June 2, 2011
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