News River – real-time updates for your favorite feeds

I’ve been using Lazyfeed and My6Sense a lot of late to find topics on blogs and authors that I may not have found any other way, and that’s very cool, but I still want to archive a list of the best blogs I want to go back to. The problem is I’ve totally swamped my Google Reader, Alltop, NetVibes, BlogRovr and Feedly setups with feeds, and a lot of them update rarely or are just plain dead in the water. It’s frustrating to dig through them all looking for something fresh!

Rather than clean them out and start over I’m moving on to try Dave Winer’s spanking new feed aggregator River2 which usesĀ  RSSCloud. RssCloud has just been introduced to blogs (who opt in) and it’s going to be a whole lot faster for feed readers that use it to see an updated post.

River2: Subscriptions

This isn’t the easiest install, but if you can tinker a little you’ll figure it out. Of course it’s very Mac friendly, but it works on Windows too.

  • Download a fresh install of the OPML editor
  • Install then launch the editor and run the update if necessary
  • Go to Misc > Tool Catalog and select the River2 tool and install
  • Once installed River2 will launch a browser with some pre-populatd feeds ready to read.

That’s basically it, but you should visit the River2 page to read more on what this can do. For now I’m just playing with it, but so far I’m impressed with how much faster I’m seeing updates and I can get the blogs I really do want to read back into a feed reader without the mess of un-updated feeds I had before. (let THAT be a lesson to update more often!)

Want to get your blog in the cloud? Install the plug in for your WordPress blog and get your feeds delivered in real-time.

Is this going to replace those lovely client-side apps for all my feed reading needs? Not yet, but it will allow me to quickly scan my top picks and you can bet that the other feed readers will be stepping up to use RSSCloud soon. They can’t afford to be left in the dust. Then I’ll likely clean out my feeds and start over again by importing my River2 feeds.

One last thing. PLEASE remember to make your RSS feed available and don’t bury it in a link to your favorite reader. Some sites are almost impossible to subscribe to unless you hack through the code to find the XML!

  • fouts
  • September 14, 2009