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Remember that little snafoo I had last month with the hacker attack on my WordPress installs? Not only did it take down my blogs but it affected the launch of the WordPress training classes I’d been slaving over. Now we’ve got a new membership management system (Digital Access Pass ROCKS the rest) and even more in the WordPress tutorials and so here I am offering the classes up again, this time even better!

It’s no secret that I think WordPress is the best blogging platform, and I recommend it for Websites too. WordPress can enable you to create an online presence for a fraction of what a traditional web site costs and have an easy to use content management system (CMS) to boot. Installing, configuring and training on WordPress is a big part of our business at Tatu Digital.

Over the years we’ve gotten so used to using it that it’s pretty much second nature for us, but that’s not so for everyone. We get a lot of questions on how to use WordPress, from basic “How do I create a page?” to how to install themes, using the editor, what plugins to use, etc., and it just makes sense to create a series of tutorials to share with our clients and the members of the Social Media Coaching Center.

It makes even more sense to offer it as a series of classes so that everybody can use it–for themselves or to offer to their own clients–(we’ve got an affiliate program) so we just launched There are over 20 tutorials in the series right now, something for all skill levels, and just for the launch period we’re offering the entire series for $50. Sign up now and you get access to all the tutorials we add later too.

When’s the price going to go up?
I don’t know yet. It depends on response and how many new tutorials we add. We’ve got to cover our costs after all, and we can’t keep adding things and not raise the price.

Where are the new tutorials going to come from?
We’re asking our users to submit questions they need answers too. Who better to drive the process than the people who need it? We’ll create new ones based on that input and add them to the list. We already know we’ll be doing more tutorials on how to use the Thesis, Genesis and Headway themes and some of our favorite plugins. We’re open to ideas and it’s built right into the classes.

Check out our WordPress classes and help us spread the word.

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Adina Joy

thanks for sharing.

Adina Joy

Adryenn Ashley

 If you do Profits Theme tutorials I’ll pimp the heck out of it! 🙂 And congrats on being named on of the 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter!

Janet Fouts

I haven’t used the Profits theme yet. Tell us about it! Oh and thanks for mentioning the Hubspot list. Kinda fun!


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