Naming your Facebook page

Naming your page isn’t so important when you set it up.You want it to be evocative of the mission of the page, sure, but you’re probably going to change it anyway, and until you get that precious 25 followers the url is going to look something like this:

Geez. How do you even begin to share that with somebody?

I suggest you immediately create a link to use with your page so you can send the URL to everybody you want to visit it. You can even customize the link so it will make sense to your friends. http://bitly/pagetoolkit for example.

Once you get up to 25 fans you can create a custom user name. It’s sometimes called a “vanity URL” but there’s nothing vain about it. It’s the only way people are going to find you on Facebook. It’s also a URL the search engines will pick up, so think carefully.

What should be in your name?

First off, no spaces. Facebook turns spaces into hyphens. So River City Widget Factory becomes River-City-Widget-Factory. What’s wrong with that? From a search engine perspective it’s fine. Google likes hyphens. But people will have an issue remembering it. Imagine yourself at a networking event or a trade show. Somebody asks for your Facebook page address and you say: Sure, it’s “ slash river hyphen city hyphen widget hyphen factory”! Now visualize the quizzical look on their faces.

Maybe it would be better to be able to say: “”, “”, or “”. You want something people can share easily and maybe even remember.

How to create a Page name

You must have 25 fans before you can name your page. Then go to You’ll be able to select the page you administer and set the name. Think carefully, you can’t change it later.

That’s it. Once you change the name your fans will see a new easy to share link when they visit the page. Now go forth and create a page name and tell your friends!

This post is part of the Facebook Page Toolkit membership site. We teach our members how to create Facebook pages for their business.

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