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Nambu Network – Twitter client for Mac OSX

The Nambu Network (beta) is a Mac OSX Twitter client and a lot like my favorite-Tweetdeck but with a few powerful additional options. Yes, you can group your friends and display your stream in different columns just like Tweetdeck, and the user interface looks similar, but Nambu does a whole lot more. How about seeing your Twitter stream in threaded conversations for a change. Shorten URLs with (also developed by the Nambu team), send pictures through Multi-lingual stream? No problem, Nambu can translate pretty much anything into English.

Plans are in the works to let you post links, comment and like items in Friendfeed,share on and too. Oh, and there’s an iPhone app as well. Download it and give it a spin. For me it’s not going to replace Tweetie, but it’s still a worthwhile download!

So the next time you’re feeling whiny about how much memory Tweetdeck is draining from your laptop, download Nambu here and see what all the fuss is about.

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