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Social Media Books By Janet Fouts

Below is a my collection of Social Media success books. Each is now available in both softcover or the Kindle version.


social media success coverSocial media success is not about numbers. It’s about conversations and relationships. It’s about getting to know your customers, your friends and neighbors and yes, even your competitors! Build good strong relationships, have lots of conversations, and your social media efforts will be successful.

‘Social Media Success!’ will be your guide to getting started in many of the top networks and building a cohesive plan to be as efficient as possible with your valuable time and resources. Learn from real life cases of businesses large and small who have successfully used social media networks and strategies to grow their businesses, improve customer service, raise funds and even find employment using these tools.

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Ever since LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the rest crossed into the mainstream, my clients have been asking “Does social media really work for business?” Thanks to Janet Fouts, who has been practicing it professionally and well for more than a decade, I now have proof positive. Her book contains “practical advice and real world examples for social media engagement.” SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS is must-reading for everyone working – or playing – online today.

~ Allan





google plus for business coverHas the buzz about Google+ got you wondering what you might be missing? Have you ever brushed Google+ off as simply another social networking site, as merely Google’s answer to Facebook? If you answered yes to either question, you need to read Janet Fout’s new book #GOOGLE+ for BUSINESS tweet. As Janet explains, the buzz around Google+ is all for very valid reasons. Much more than simply another social media platform, Google+ has been conceived to revolutionize the way you ideate, plan, and act.

In #GOOGLE+ for BUSINESS tweet, Janet walks you through the gamut of Google+ tools and techniques. Starting with tips on creating a compelling profile, Janet explains hangouts, circles, and more before tying it all together with proven techniques for developing a coherent Google+ strategy.

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I have been using Google+ for a while now, but still am not using all the features. I fnid with all the social media avenues available to us, people dread having to learn how to use yet another social network. This book #Google+ for Business Tweet by Janet Fouts is an easy to read and understand little book that you can use to help you navigate Google+ and help you build circles, connect with others and take advantage of all that Google+ has to offer you and your business. At a time when we are overwhelmed with social media, this easy to read book of tips is a life saver! I would recommend this book to anyone new to Google+.

~ Michelle Dunn – Award winning Author, Columnist

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social media non profit coverVirtually every nonprofit realizes that, pretty soon, social media will no longer be optional. Janet Fouts, Social Media Enabler, is well aware of the situation. Which is why she, along with industry expert Beth Kanter, stepped forward to put together ‘#SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweet,’ a collection of bite-sized wisdom especially for nonprofits.

Janet’s book takes that into account. In it, you will find guidance on how to convince the naysayers, how to measure the benefits of social media, how to manage volunteers and create evangelists, and best practices for using Twitter and Facebook.

Written in the easy, digestible, and popular 140-character tweet format, ‘#SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweet’ distils the knowledge and expertise of industry leaders to bring you guidance and wisdom that you can deploy immediately and easily start using social media for your nonprofit today.

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Not often do you have the opportunity to read such an easy to digest volume that has so much wisdom distilled in it. Social media gurus @kanterand @jfoutshave managed to include 140 Twitter-sized tips for nonprofits to make the most of social media space in a way that is brilliant: packing all their knowledge about this topic in a way that demonstrates HOW you walk the talk (in case you are wondering how you can cram a socially good message into 140 characters the way Twitter requires you to). This book is a must starting point for anyone working in a nonprofit trying to figure out how to develop engagement through social media.

~ Manny Hernandez – @askmanny

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social media pr coverPR has always been demanding. With expectations of lightning-fast responses, today’s consumers, vendors and general public all make it challenging to manage and control corporate messaging and PR. Surely you have heard somebody promoting social media as a silver bullet or band-aid for all PR issues?

In #SOCIAL MEDIA PR tweet Book01 Janet Fouts shows you how. Social media, as she explains lucidly, is not about one-way broadcasting but about two-way communication. The tips and guidelines in #SOCIAL MEDIA PR tweet Book01 will get you on the road to understanding the potential of social media for PR. You will learn about communicating and inbound media, with individual sections related to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and promotional events. With Janet Fouts’ book at hand, you can confidently harness the power of social media for your PR messaging.

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I really appreciated this book. I’ve been in the position of recommending ways of tweeting for companies, and as I read this book, I wish I’d had it earlier, as its advice is spot-on and well-written. Twitter so easily intimidates people, and Fouts makes it approachable and useful. A quick read, and very valuable. Worth getting to prevent all of those mistakes that people make when using Twitter, too. Especially great for people who manage Twitter accounts for consumer brands. Spot-on. Fouts is an “uber-twitterer,” and got me started a few years ago embracing the very powerful medium for professional, and personal means. Her books are very approachable and have such gems of wisdom, it’s truly a treat to see another one published. A definite must-have if you so any kind of social media in your job.

~ Anna Billstrom

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