My bestseller and the next book is on the way!

The Soul of Success, Jack CanfieldI was honored to be invited to co-author a book with the legendary Jack Canfield this summer. The book, “The Soul of Success” was released in late July and I’m thrilled to announce it is now a best seller on Amazon in both the US and in Canada, not in just one category but in several!


  • #1 Marketing for Small Business
  • #1 Direct Marketing
  • #9 Marketing
  • #15 Marketing and Sales
  • #20 Entrepreneurship
  • #22 Small Business and Entrepreneurship


  • #1 Direct Marketing
  • #8 Marketing
  • #10 Marketing and Sales
  • #12 Small Business and Entrepreneurship

My portion of the book holds the kernel of an idea that I’ve been building on for some time now, and will be the focus of my 6th book “Mindful Social Marketing – How Authenticity and Generosity are Transforming Marketing“, due for release in October 2015, published by Substantium.

In Mindful Social Marketing I give you real-world examples of how a mindful approach to social media marketing can help you be more effective at really reaching your market and at creating relationships through social media.

While there are many who discount the trend toward mindfulness as “McMindfulness” and a way for corporations to drive employees to greater productivity, that’s not what this book is about at all.

Sure, you’ll be more productive because you’ll be better focused on your work when you are working, and more focused and “in the moment” on your time off too. I’ll show you techniques and tools that bring mindfulness to how you look at the world around you, your relationships and your work while helping you communicate with the human (not the target) in marketing.

Old school marketing is on it’s way out
It used to be the job of marketers to get a brand or product in front of the audience and stay there. Simply being visible was enough. People would see the product over and over until they didn’t even remember where they saw it but they knew they wanted it.

We don’t make decisions the same way anymore. The advent of the internet allows consumers to gain vast quantities of knowledge before they make a decision to buy.

Consumers say they are 73% more likely to buy from a brand that responds to users on social media platforms and a canned response with a link to your website is simply not going to cut it.

Today’s consumer wants access to a real person who cares about us and wants to make us happy. We expect brands to be present, responsive and generous with their service and information even if it doesn’t sell us a thing. We look at the social media profiles of brands and ask questions. If those questions aren’t answered in good time, or the answers seem canned or un-caring, we’ll just go buy from someone else.

The days of siloed communication and hiding company secrets from competitors are over too. Being the only one with the information used to make you seem valued by your peers and customers. No more. Now it’s considered stingy and greedy.

Generosity simply attracts people to you and your brand. Seeing a question about anything and finding the answer just because it feels good to be useful is certainly a refreshing and endearing quality isn’t it?

This isn’t meant to scare you. It’s simply the way things are and will be going forward, and as marketers we must make some changes to suit the market we wish to serve.

Welcome to the age of authenticity, generosity and yes, transparency. Welcome to Mindful Social Marketing.

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