Monitter: Real-time Twitter Tracking

monitter : real time, live twitter monitor | free live twitter embed widget

Monitter is one of the newest apps to track Twitter conversations in real-time. You can simply enter up to 3 topics (your brand, news keywords or favorite Tweeters) and see real time monitoring of updates. You can filter updates by distance from a specific location as well, and Monitter offers feeds in English, Spanish, German and French. The filtering goes even deeper for power users. Use Boolean searches or filter for links on a popular item ( blackberry filter:links ) or specific Tweeters ( @jfouts) or Hashtags (#SMCSFSV).

This will be very useful for those conferences you want to follow or watching news like the recent events in Mumbai unfold on Twitter in real time.

  • Penny

    When I read your post I thought "Heyyy, that looks just like Tweetdeck". I already sort out several searches in Tweetdeck so what do I need this for? But then I tried Monitter and I will keep it running at the same time as Tweetdeck to extend my network monitoring and use the extra columns in Tweetdeck to sort my friends list. But why, oh why did they have to misspell Monitor?

  • Absolutely a good excuse Dano! I keep Tweetdeck open in my second monitor. I SAY I have to have two for all the menus when I have Flash and Photoshop are open at the same time, but Tweetdeck is taking up a lot of that space now too. Good idea Penny. Maybe we could stack 'em.

  • @Penny – funny, I was thinking the same thing: it's tweetdeck just rebranded. I like your suggestion and will give it a go today with both open at the same time. Ah…just further justification for purchasing a second monitor. 🙂