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Missing DM’s in your Twitter Stream?

If you’re getting an error message on your Twitter desktop or mobile application it’s likely because Twitter recently changed the way authorization works. All applications which log into your Twitter account have had to use OAuth since August 2010, and as of June 30 they have set tighter restrictions on how applications can access direct messages.

I’m guessing this is in response to all the auto-DM’s people have been getting and I’m all for it, except for the hassle of re-setting every single access point to all my Twitter streams (and those I manage for my clients). Read more about the Twitter API change if you’re geeky too. If you’re not geeky, just read on to see what you need to do.

Basically all of the developers have known about this for a little while , so many have updates available already. Open your Twitter application on your phone or desktop and check for updates. For example, I use Echophone and TweetAgora on my iPhone. Both have updates, so download the updates and then you’ll have to re-authorize the application to access Twitter. This is a two step process.

1) Authenticate with Twitter with your user name and password

2) With SOME applications You’ll be given a PIN number to verify the application again, some apps automatically send the pin for you.

It depends on how your Twitter application handles this. Echophone handled it beautifully, Tweet Agora had issues with the 2nd update. Seesmic desktop and Hootsuite both allow you to update all your accounts in one screen, one account at a time.

For most people this won’t be a painful process at all, but of course if you manage accounts for your clients on multiple applications be prepared to spend some time.

In my opinion if it gets rid of some of the auto-dm spam I’m a happy camper!

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