Microblogging in the Enterprise

We were just talking in the Webinar yesterday about how hard it is to sell microblogging as a productivity tool to IT and managers. Laura Fitton (Pistachio) put together a quick reference list of the top 20 she knows of.

Take a look.

  1. BlueTwit (IBM)
  3. *Jisko (AGPL)
  4. Laconica (better known as Identi.ca)
  5. OraTweet (Oracle)
  6. Presently
  7. Prologue (WordPress theme by Automattic)
  8. SocialCast
  9. Status
  10. *Sweetter 2.0 (SUGUS)
  11. Trillr
  12. ??Twitter I’ve heard them say no. But?
  13. *Twoorl
  14. Yammer
  15. *Yonkly

You should read the whole article.

List of Internal Microsharing Tools – Pistachio, Sep 2008

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Another one to look at is http://presentlyapp.com/ Present.ly. You can use it with Twitter but you can create groups and private networks.


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