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Marketing your blog on Twitter is easy right? You just post a link to it and the Tweeple come running to read it. Maybe, and maybe not. There’s a lot more to it than that. First and foremost who are you talking to? Are the people in your Twitter network interested in the topic? If you’re going outside of your Twitter networks area of interest it’s much less likely to be seen. Look for somebody on Twitter who is focused in that area and Tweet it to them, ask their opinion or ask for a re-tweet so you can be seen in their network.

About the title
You want it to be short and to the point for a couple of reasons. Search engines love keywords and if your title is full of off topic words it’s not going to do you any favors. Your title needs to capture attention on Twitter and still leave room for people to re-tweet it to their own networks on Twitter too. For some great tips on how to write a title that will get you noticed, read copyblogger’s post.

Timing is very important too. When are you most often on Twitter? If you publish your post at 3 AM and you don’t get a single hit from Twitter, it may just be that the interested people aren’t on yet. Go ahead and post it again later to see if you get better traffic. I find this a lot with contacts who are in different time zones around the world. If the Tweet doesn’t reach them when they’re on-line it may simply get lost in their stream.

Nobody’s listening?
You may find that your carefully crafted post just isn’t generating interest. Try using a different title and tweeting it again. Tweet it directly to somebody you expected to hear from and ask them what they think. (You might want to DM them to not put them on the spot on Twitter. It may be that it’s just a little too narrow a niche to generate tons of interest. Maybe it’s just not that interesting. Read it aloud and see if it sparks your own passion. If not tweak it a bit and re-post a link.

Are you being a good Twittizen?
As I said in a previous post, you’re much more likely to get interested followers if your Tweets have valuable content. If all you do is post your blog to Twitter and nothing else, you’re in danger of being labeled a spammer. That’s what we call somebody who only spams Twitter with their own info and nobody else’s

Twitter can do your blog traffic an enormous amount of good and I highly recommend it to get the word out . Bottom line you’ve got to have great contnet that people are wanting to read. If not, Twitter isn’t really going to help you at all. Tweeting bad content can get you burned too.

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Good points on an important subject. Need to remember that the basic rules of click marketing still apply. You need to stress a benefit and provide a call to action. AND leave room for a ReTweet. Picture the zeitgeist that the Twitter users are viewing – why should they click on YOUR link?

Also, in terms of feedback, I just noticed that TweetDeck will give you click counts for certain URL shorteners, including, of course, bit.;u


I thought this a good post on the best way of using Twitter to market your blog. As wbw_Jeff refers to there are tools to shorten the URL. I use TRIM out of habit but I think they all are much the same. They allow you to track the traffic from Twitter.


As for the URL shorteners I'm fond of and because you can track clicks and I also use, mostly because I like the ease of use of Hootlet. links give you a lot of informationin in your dashboard, however Google doesn't index those links, so I don't use it for marketing my own material.

Did you see this post from Marshall Kirkpatrick at RRW?


I'm not sure if everyone knows that you can click 'Show Preview Information for Short URLs' on the Tweetdeck Settings page. It will give you the click counts not only for your own URL's but, for the curious and nosey, the counts for other's links as well.

Luis Lopez

This post opens my eyes about my twitter strategy, right now I am going to correct some mistakes, I was doing.

Thanks I'm already following you


Hey, that's great to hear Luis, glad the post was helpful.


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