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Managing Facebook Pages Just Got a Lot Easier

manage Facebook photos from your iPhonePart of what I do as a social media coach is help businesses large and small manage their facebook pages.Our social media management team is frequently asked to go to a client’s event and help live-tweet, take photos or video and post them live during the event to share with their fans. Most of us have iPhones, so we get good pictures, but we can’t upload in batches to a Facebook page from the phone.

Frankly, Facebook’s iPhone app simply sucks at photo management. We can only upload images one by one, which is seriously painful when you’ve got 20-30 images to upload. Besides, it’s just not good practice to flood your Facebook page with too many photos at once. No matter how great the event is, people just don’t want to see them all in their news feed if they’re not in them. Better to wait until you can create an album and then post.

Until now, the only option was to download images to a laptop during the event and frantically upload them to Facebook through the website so you could get back and take more. Ugh. Sometimes the photos don’t get up for days if the client doesn’t have time to deal with it after the event. Ah, but no more. Weaver Mobile has built on their first iPhone app, PhotoBox! to offer a version that allows you to create n

Manage Facebook photos from your iPhone
You can create new albums on Facebook from your iPhone and upload the whole batch at once to Facebook. With PhotoBox! Pro, you can upload to your profile or any page you manage. You can also batch download entire albums and archive them on the spot, edit and re-upload too.

Did I mention editing?
Both versions of the PhotoBox! app offer a nice set of filters you can apply to your Facebook photos including cropping rotation and annotation. The filters are intuitive to use and save you from having to edit them later.

Browse liked pages
The “My Likes” tab now allows you to view all of the photos the pages you’ve liked have uploaded. View them on your iPhone and download the ones you want to save to a folder on your phone, your iPhone album, or a private album on Facebook with a collection of all the photos you’ve liked through PhotoBox!. Download is super-fast and you can view several thousand images, pick the ones you like and download with a click.

Recent Feed
Another feature I like is the ability to view all the images posted recently in my news feed. I have quite a few friends and things fly by in the news feed. Being a visual kind of girl it’s fun to scan the recent uploads from my friends, and then I can save them to a private “liked photos” album on Facebook to view them later, or download them.

Un tagging
With all the uproar in the last few weeks about employers viewing Facebook pages and demanding passwords, it’s good to be able to view all the photos you are tagged in and un tag them easily. Both PhotoBox! apps allow you to easily scan them all on one tab and un-tag with a click.

Weaver Mobile has two great apps here, and I’m not saying that just because they’re a client. I’m thrilled  they are listening to what us page admins really want to see in a Facebook photo management app. This is an app built for people who use Facebook a lot, take lots of photos on their iPhones, and want to work efficiently in the field.

Download the apps and give them a spin. PhotoBox! and PhotoBox! Pro are both available in the iTunes store (sorry, no Android yet, but soon!) Then come back and let me know what you thought!

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BJ Wishinsky

Most mobile apps I use for social networks are designed around the end user experience and offer little of value to admins and managers. So I’m really pleased to hear about this app. Thanks, Janet!


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