Manage your Twitter people

My TweepleI thought I was pretty on top of my Twitter friends (Tweeple) until I used this nifty app. Turns out I’d missed quite a few interesting peeps recently. My Tweeple lets you view who’s following you, who you’re following and see whether you’re following each other or not (it’s mutual). You can see avatars, bios and mouse over the “view” link to see that person’s latest tweets.
I found some very interesting people I’d missed, identified a spammer or two and either blocked them or “dinged” them, letting future viewers know they were spam bots.

My Tweeple doesn’t keep your data so it’s pretty safe to give them your username and pass to find your long lost  friends. The only sorta downside is you only get 100 API calls to Twitter per hour. Everytime you ping Twitter the counter goes down. I just kept an eye on it and didn’t try to do too much at once. All in all a good tool for keeping your Twitter account spic and span.

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