Mad Men, mad for social media?

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I admit it. I’m addicted to the hit TV show Mad Men. Imagine my surprise when I find the characters from the show have Twitter profiles. How could I not follow Don Draper? Then I couldn’t resist following Peggy and Betty as well. Interesting that  they each remain in character in their Tweets. Betty gives out feedback on recipes she’s received from people who follow her, and chats about typical child care issues. Peggy chats about the recent issues in the office and Don? Well he’s Don.

So how do we classify these personas? Like Fake Steve Jobs and Fake Sarah Palin, we know the are not real, but they are highly entertaining never the less. I have to say it even got a little spooky when both Paul Kinsey and the actor who plays Draper, Dick Whitman
Started following my tweets too.

There’s even a spoof blog called We are Sterling Cooper . The site exists to catalogue the conversation around AMC’s Mad Men and its fanbase across the social web. But it’s just the beginning. ‘We are Sterling Cooper’ is a rallying cry to brands and fans alike to come together and create together.

It’s clear that some of the profiles were developed by fans, but possibly not all of them, and AMC even tried to get the profiles removed from Twitter. Twitter temporarily suspended the accounts until they were reinstated at the request of AMC’s digital Marketing agency,

Imagine the fun we could have with this. Can the networks handle our running with their characters or will they try to shut it down again? Or, better yet, maybe they’ll use some of the input from various social media sites as fodder for a whole new idea of character development or the next new series? Honestly, if Sterling Cooper existed they would embrace social media wholeheartedly.

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The show is spot on in so many ways. If Sterling Cooper was real they would dive into it just like this. Here is a link to the current profiles on Twitter. But where is Joan???

Frank Costello

Must admit, I watch it every Sunday night and DVR it to watch a 2nd time on Wednesday and Thursday.

An observation, the women are running the show while the men are boozing and whoring……

It really has an eye for detail…….

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