Live Broadcasting and Twitter

It’s amazing to me how quickly new apps pop up to fill a need. Last week I listened to a good part of the 140TC conference through a site called twebevent. The site embedded the Ustream channel and allowed people to talk to each other around the program through a Twitter interface. Login to Twitter on their site, watch the show and Twebevent tags the conversation for you with tags assigned by the person who set it up. Nice.

I had a talk coming up on Social Media ROI as part of the BrightTalk Social Media Marketing Summit so I thought I’d give it a spin. Integration was a snap, and pretty much anything you’re doing that will allow for an embedded player like this will work (think live events and web radio shows). A few clicks and I had a Twitter enabled chat ready to go. The whole thing went smoothly and although I didn’t really have time to promote this new link much before the event, several people used it and I got good feedback on it. Funny thing, it seems I caught the twebevent team a little off-guard when I set it up. They’d actually just launched, and I was the first BrightTalk user to use it. Nothing like trying it out at this stage to test it and it all worked perfectly.

I can see a lot of uses for Twebevent and I’m thinking it’s a great way to enhance my teleclasses with a way for people to talk among themselves, collect questions from listeners in real time as well as create buzz about the event.