Monday, October 5, 2015

Listening Tools for Social Media Monitoring

If you’ve been to one of my talks I probably referenced this page as a resource for social media monitoring tools. I update the list as I test new applications. Some of these are free and some are paid. Generally the biggest difference is the level of reporting on social media activity and the ability This is just dusting the surface of social media listening tools. But it’s a great place to start!

Search and Tracking

  • Google Blog Search Blogs
  • Simply Measured Social media analytics across platforms. Free trial. Download their ebooks!
  • BuzzSumo Find and analyze content, locate influencers and brand monitoring. Limited free version.
  • Social Bro Great analytics and listening, also a marketing platform for Twitter.
  • Attensity (SaaS listening and works with their Analysis package)
  • Google Alerts (Free and simple to set up. Not so hot for Twitter but good for websites and blogs
  • Social Mention free real-time search of most social networks- excellent alerts
  • Twilert Set up keyword and brand alerts for TWitter mentions-free
  • Trackur Very cost effective reporting and tracking system, great tool for the price.
  • SM2 Paid and very complete tracking and reporting
  • Radian6 Top of the line in my opinion of the paid services. River of news, sentiment ranking, beautiful reports
  • Collective Intellect Real-time listening tool crossed with a CRM. Free trial
  • Board Tracker Keep an eye on forums and bulletin boards. Has a pretty cool browser plugin.
  • Scout Labs Paid but has a free trial period. Working on Social CRM, recently bought by lithium

Real Time Search

  • Social Mention free real-time search of most social networks- excellent alerts
  • BuzzSumo Find and analyze content, locate influencers and brand monitoring. Limited free version.
  • Twitter search Search new and recent Twitter posts
  • LazyFeed Free real-time blog search. Save your keywords and see new items as they develop
  • Free real-time monitoring of social media sites
  • Twazzup Real-time twitter monitoring, identifies key influencers on topic

Remember I mentioned an example of using social media to go wine tasting? Here’s a link to the post.

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  • Garret Parmalee

    Thanks for posting this.

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  • Sergei Dolukhanov

    Social media listening tools are great for scratching the surface of the social web, listening to customers for their opinions, and preventing PR disasters, however they don’t offer a good correlation between the social web and key business performance metrics. In other words, you don’t get a good understanding of how social data impacts your business by using social media monitoring tools. 

    For this next level of deep analytics and business impact measurement, you need social media business intelligence. Not only do you get the listening capabilities, but it gives you a way to tie all this social data (and unstructured data in general) to your existing business processes. In other words, you get an accurate gauge of the things you REALLY want to measure; how much money your company is making, or not making, from all that juicy chatter in the social web. 

    Find me one executive who doesn’t care about the bottom line and i’ll call you crazy.

    Thanks for the list, Janet. 


    – Sergei

  • Aditi

    I would like to add Webfluenz to your list which is a social media monitoring tool for listening, monitoring AND engaging with the social web. You can check them out at

  • Amber McCrory

    Thanks for the mention of SM2. If anybody has any questions about our social media listening platform, ask @SDLsocial or send me an email at Happy to help.

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  • Piyush Karann

    Really impressed with your list. It would be even greater if you have provided some insight about these tools. I would like to add Plumlytics to your list which is a social media listening tools with comprehensive listening and predictive analysis built in. You can take a look at

  • Steve

    I have used many of them. But Rignite, Hootsuite and Mr. Social (not on the list) are the ones i continue to use