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Linkedin Replaces Applications With Features

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Long time power users of Linkedin have been using Linkedin Applications to enhance their profiles with deeper information and sharing opportunities. Now some of those applications are being replaced and the site is slowly moving accounts to the new system. You’ll still be able to add content through their new rich media feature.

Mine updated ¬†yesterday with some unexpected (mostly positive) results. Take a look at my profile here to see how Slideshare incorporates in the new profiles (halfway down). While I had only added a few presentations on social media Linkedin imported them all. Some of these go waaay back in my training days and I really only see the need to show the most recent. Fortunately it’s really easy to edit and delete presentations. Unfortunately it seems to order them from oldest to newest, which isn’t my preference. Perhaps drag and drop will be added soon.

Here are the applications that may be automatically moved into your profile when Linkedin updates yours to the new system:

  • My Travel by TripIt
  • Legal Updates by JD Supra
  • Portfolio Display by Behance
  • SlideShare Presentations
  • Lawyer Ratings by LexisNexis
  • WordPress by Automatic
  • Box Files by Box
  • Amazon Reading List by Amazon

There are other content providers that will be supported but may or may not be moved by Linkedin. See those here.

add media to linkedin profileTo add media (if your profile has been updated) start editing your profile.

See the little pencil icon to the right of each section? If you can add media there you’ll also see a little video screen. You’ll get a box where you can enter a link to an image, video, document or presentation.

So, maybe it’s time for a little spring cleaning on your Linkedin profile? Check out what you can add to yours, and share a link to your spiffed up profile in the comments. Show off!

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  • Updated February 11, 2013
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