LifestreamBackup is now Backupify?

Backupify :: HomeOf all the silly “we still don’t get it” moments.

I recently wrote about, a very nifty way to keep your lifestream accounts backed up. I love the service. It’s easy to use and I can back up onto my Amazon S3 account so the storage cost is tiny but I have 100% control over my data. Very cool. I also have to say the support is amazing. I had an issue with my Twitter backup and quickly got a response with the reason. Seems people want to search their backup of Twitter so the team is moving those backups from Amazon’s S3 service and into Amazon’s SDB service and my backup was delayed while they transitioned. (It’s working just dandy now, thanks!)

So now to the name change. According to Rob May, co-founder and President of Lifestreambackup Backupify, “The short explanation is that too many of our corporate clients don’t understand the term “lifestreaming” and it sounds kind of like a nature term to them, like it was “life creek” or something.”

So now it’s Backupify and apparently the corporate clients get that. Whatever the name, the service is well worth the peace of mind. Especially when you Facebook or other account suddenly disappears on you or Twitter accidentally deletes your followers.

Oh, and just in case you really thought that tweet on Twitter about your bosses wife was really delted, take a look at this service which pulls deleted tweets from the depths of the database…..