Is Your Lifestream Backed Up?

Yesterday’s big noise was all about the Denial of Service attack on Twitter and several other social media networks, and it’s likely not over yet. Cnet reported that the attack was probably targeted at one blogger, and the story is a good read if you’re interested in the details of how these kinds of attacks happen and the response from Google, Facebook and Twitter. These kinds of attacks are likely to happen again, so you should be thinking about how you’ll get your message out if one or several of your social media networks go down. I talked to a few people yesterday who were upset because they were unable to send out announcements or connect with their networks.

So, what to do? First of all, don’t put all of your online marketing eggs in one basket. Make sure your social media presence is on a few sites so if one goes down you’ve got other avenues to go down. Look into a service like Lifestream Backup, where you can back up your content on Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, Zoho, WordPress, Photobucket and even Google Docs, Mail and Basecamp files. It’s always good to have backup for your data, and having copies of some of your lifestream accounts could save you a lot of pain down the road. Lifestream Backup lets you download your backups as XML files as well, so you can store archives or share them if you wish.

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Laura Livengood Schaub

Janet, what a great recommendation, I had no idea such a service existed, but how necessary for those of us who have so much content online. Yesterday’s outage was interesting to observe on a lot of levels. Think I’ll back up my laptop today too!


Hi Janet,
Thanks for the review! One of the product features we are working on is the ability to download all your files in single weekly zip folder, which will probably make the download process even easier. If you have any feature requests, please send them my way.

Matt Gantner

Second post today about how happy I am using Lifestream Backup. Helpful, friendly developers and easy to use system. Can’t say enough good things.


Thanks guys. I’m pretty happy with it too, and being able to download a CSV would be fantastic! Keep up the great work Rob, your product is well worth the tiny fees.


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