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Learning Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business ManagerFacebook is making it much easier for agencies like ours to manage business pages and ads with Facebook Business Manager. You may have gotten some emails from the third party apps you use for ad creation, sweepstakes and custom tabs on your page. These are what Facebook calls “Grey accounts” These are accounts where you are using a 3rd party application to manage your ads, known as “shared logins”. You’ll need to enable these accounts through your business manager directly. More on that below.

Here are the highlights of Facebook Business Manager:
Only one person in your organization will be the admin for your business manager account. If that’s you, log in to Facebook with your personal Facebook details, answer a few questions and read the terms of service before you accept. You’ll select one of the pages you manage to be the primary page. If you don’t have a business page for your own business to make the primary page you’ll want to set one up before you dig in.

When you’ve got it set up you’ll see all the pages you manage in one place as well as the power editor and a list of “projects”. Projects help you organize your pages and ads and assign people on your team to manage them. Finally an easy way to add a manager to a Facebook page or ads without having to connect on Facebook personally.

Another nice feature, you can select a group of pages and assign them all to one person on your team with one click. You can also easily change the roles of people  through the “People” tab in the business manager dashboard.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 9.44.50 AMGoing forward anyone with access to the management tab of your facebook page will see an alert like this one, letting them know who to go to to make changes to roles etc. for the page. This makes it easy for you to jump into business manager right from the Facebook page. If you are an agency, give your clients a heads-up this is changing so there are no surprises.

Here are the various roles you can assign:

Business Manager:

  • Business Admin: Can manage all aspects of the business settings, including modifying or deleting the account and adding or removing people.
  • Business Employee: Can see all of the information in the business settings but can’t make any changes.

Ad Accounts:

  • Ad Account Admin: Can manage all aspects of campaigns, reporting, billing and account permissions, and can set ad account spending limits. Ad account admins can also associate business payment methods.
  • Ad Account Advertiser: Can see and edit ads and set up ads using the payment method associated with the ad account.
  • Ad Account Analyst: Can see ad performance.


  • Page Admin: Can manage Page roles, send messages and post as the Page, create ads, and view insights.
  • Page Editor: Can edit the Page, send messages and post as the Page, create ads, and view insights.
  • Page Moderator: Can respond to and delete comments on the Page, send messages as the Page, create ads, and view insights.
  • Page moderators can’t post as the Page.
  • Page Advertiser: Can create ads for the Page and view insights. Page advertisers can’t post as the Page.
  • Page Analyst: Can view insights. Page analysts can’t post as the Page.

Adding pages is easy, you just click add page in the manager dashboard if you own the page and are an admin of it, just click “Claim a Page fro Business Manager”. However, if you use the page on behalf of another company you may need to request access to the page. Within the admin panel you can easily see what agencies and people have access to your page and at what level.

Business manager and ads
I’m really excited about this. Now we can see an overview of the spend and reach for a specific ad account all in one place in the business manager. This is a huge improvement over the previous methods. You still can’t drill down to specific campaign data, but we hope that too is coming soon in an update.

Payment options are easier to set up in the business manager too. You can now add more than one payment method on file for your business account to suit the needs of your clients. Each payment method is associated with an ad account so you can have alternative payment options for different clients. Only the admin can make changes here or access the credit info so your data is safe.

What about “Grey Accounts”?
Managing Grey accounts is simple. Go into the business manager and click Shared Logins and then add shared logins for each of the applications to give these businesses permission to assign roles to work on any of the shared assets on your accounts.

Bottom line?
Overall this is a nice step for Facebook to make it easier for agencies or companies with multiple pages to manage them more easily and efficiently.


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