Listen up! Mindful Social Business with @LeahWeissPHD on #HowWeWork – Janet Fouts

Listen up! Mindful Social Business with @LeahWeissPHD on #HowWeWork

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Leah Weiss on the Mindful Social Business podcast about the launch of her new book,“How We Work: Live Your Purpose, Reclaim Your Sanity, and Embrace the Daily Grind”  .  We talked about so many things, including the role of compassion at work, finding our purpose and, of course, how we can find purpose and happiness in our work and how that makes us happier in our life.

The days of working at a job we hate, with bosses we don’t respect and don’t respect us are fading, for a lot of reasons. We aren’t locking ourselves into jobs for the benefits or the pensions, those don’t happen so often anymore. What’s the new value proposition then? Respect. A job we feel makes a difference. Fulfillment. Purpose. And not just in “save the world” jobs. If we want to, we can find fulfillment and happiness right where we are right now.

Tweet this: “Consider how your daily work connects both to your personal goals and to those of the organization.  How do the two intersect? @leahweissphd #howwework”

In her book, Leah tells us how our “scarcity mindset” is affecting our lives at work and at home, and maybe keeping us from finding the fulfillment we so crave.

We work long hours, skip vacations, come in when we are sick and are generally stressed out and fed up. Busyness is a status symbol, even though there is plenty of data to show that it actually reduces productivity and increases stress and associated risks.

Leah suggests we write ourselves a personal mission statement and then consider how our personal statement intersects with our daily work.  For example; a janitor in a hospital can see that her daily work of reducing the potential for infection in the wards could save many lives, reduce the risk of infection and outbreaks in the community. Her work serves a larger purpose and her own mission statement to make a difference in the world.

Each and every one of us can find purpose in what we do, once we uncover what our mission is in this world. To do that, we have to stop and see our connection with the bigger picture, to pay attention to the mindset we are in right now and how it is aligned with our higher purpose.

If you think your job is meaningless and irrelevant. Then it IS.

In the book, Leah walks us through the steps to really defining our purpose. TRY it.

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  • Updated April 10, 2019
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