Tele-class: Job Hunting with Social Media

Job hunting in this climate takes more creativity than emailing your resume to everybody you can think of, signing up for career fairs, or setting up a bot to auto-hit Craigslist postings. According to 22% of hiring managers say they use social networking sites to research applicants, and of those, 34% say they’ve found content that kept them from hiring someone. Time to take a good look at your social media presence, clean out the skeletons and put your social media presence to work for you.

Let me show you how to evaluate your social media presence and  be more efficient connecting with the people who can help you find the job of your dreams.

  • I’ll give you the tools to evaluate your options
  • Show you how to find opportunities that fit your skill-set
  • Help you find the people who help you get connected
  • Leverage your existing network to help you get a job
  • Use attraction based marketing to attract job offers

Not all the best jobs are on job boards or in the most obvious networks, and  I’ll  show you how to find jobs posted on social media sites that may be overlooked by your less informed competition.

If you’re on the job market now, or even thinking there may be layoffs on the horizon, take this class and hone your social job hunting skills.

Find a Job with Social Media

Thursday April 2

5 pm PST, 8 pm EST

Cost: $24.95