Influencer outreach? What you need to know first. – Janet Fouts

Influencer outreach? What you need to know first.

influencer outreachSo, you want to find some social influencers and bloggers to help get the word out on your brand do you? Where do you start finding the right people to help with your digital marketing? There are a million questions you could ask. This post just brushes the surface, but it will get you started in the right direction to create your influencer outreach strategy.

 What do you want influencers to talk about?

  • Do you want them to be knowledgeable about your industry or is it all about the product and target market you want to reach?
  • Are you going to send products for review?
  • Do you expect them to manage a contest, or giveaway program?
  • Is your main goal to reach as many connections as possible on social networks through sharing or to spark discussion in the form of a Facebook or Twitter chat?
  • How will you decide if they have real influence or are just a blogger for hire?
  • Are you looking for one-off posts or to create a social media ambassador program?

Start with a good blogger outreach strategy

Once you answer all those questions you can think about how you will contact the bloggers, and decide which ones are a good fit for your goals.

Most bloggers get a ton of blind requests every month, many of them go completely ignored because the brand is completely off-base with their approach. If you don’t do your homework you’re going to send a lot of emails into the ozone and wonder why nobody is responding.

If you want people to respond to you, you need to build relationships with them before you ask. Building influencer relationships takes time, but it can really pay off.

Once you have relationships you’re in a better position to reach out to people and ask for support.

Think about budget

  • What do you expect to pay for the ambassador, post, chat or contest?
  • How many bloggers do you expect to engage?
  • Does your budget include shipping product, fulfillment in giveaways or contest prizes?
  • Does your budget include outsourced campaign management or are you doing it all yourself?
  • Your budget should include quite a bit of time to find and engage people before you need them, filtering out the best people for your project and developing relationships with them takes time.

How will you measure success?

  • Think about what your goals are, and how you will measure your results.
  • Are you looking at raising brand awareness or is your goal to increase sales?
  • Generally social outreach works best when your goal is a combination of both. Create a campaign strategy to reach as many people as possible with your messaging and offer a reason for them to buy it. This may take the form of compelling product reviews, discount offers or Q&A sessions on the problems your product solves.
  • How quickly do you expect results? Even a short term campaign can yield results months afterward because social mentions stay in the ether. Waiting for Google searches to uncover them.
  • If you’re building an ambassador program for ongoing outreach be prepared to set up metrics tools to see which bloggers are worth their weight in gold.

Search and engage

  • Do some searches on the social networks you want representation on. Who is blogging about subjects that align with your brand?
  • What kind of traffic do they get to their blog?
  • Do they share their posts on their social networks?
  • Do they get a lot of comments and mentions on their social profiles?
  • Many times you’ll find a blogger who specializes in one topic or the other, but when you really dig into their profiles and posts you’ll see that they don’t really promote their posts very much. If they run a lot of contests on their blog that may be the main focus of their work. If so are they really a fit for what you want to do?

Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it?
We get that. That’s why our team is constantly nurturing relationships with bloggers and influencers from a variety of interests. When our clients need influencer outreach management they look to us to help them bring the right people to the table. Contact me today to see how we can help you.

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Emmerey Rose

The budget determines how big the scope of the outreach is. And I think targeting the right influencers is key. I wonder, what tools do you recommend in doing an outreach?


Yes that’s true, the budget for out reach is important. However I have yet to find a tool that can accurately evaluate and influencer’s reach. I prefer to use a tool like GetLittleBird to narrow it down and then do the ground work by hand. One at a time.

Emmerey Rose

Thanks Janet! Been using Buzzsumo and it works really great. Have not heard of GetLittleBird yet though. But it sounds cool.


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