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I’m a Social Media Informer

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If you’re interested in the social media channel for your business you should check this out. My posts are now included in a new topic hub focused on social media called Social Media Informer. The idea is to pull together respected content producers and sort them so they are easily digested by topic, concept, tools or type of content. Wanna know what’s going on in WordPress? Online community? Upcoming conferences? The site makes it easy for you to scan quickly for the headlines you want to read further and then go read it on the blogger’s site.

I’m honored to be in the company of some amazing bloggers, including Problogger, Dave Fleet, Chris Brogan, Joel Postman, Louis Gray and Jay Deragon and several others. Take a look at the site and see what you think, or use the search box in the bottom right sidebar on this blog to search the Social Media Informer.

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Tony Karrer

Welcome aboard Jane. If you have thoughts on the site, we are definitely interested in getting feedback.

For me, it's great to have it because I'm going to learn a lot from folks like you, but I don't quite have enough time to stay tuned to each blog. So, it's really nice to have the social filtering going on.

Janet Fouts

Thanks Tony, I'll shoot you an email with some thoughts shortly.

Raj - SEO Australia

Hi Tony, appreciate your innovative in selecting great concept! Its really great to get see great bloggers post at one place and I hope you will pull all the successful bloggers post in your new space just as in Alltop-social news! Anyways, I just bookmarked the link. Will explore, collect,share and talk from there! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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