Identify – Social profiles found

Do you ever Google somebody before a meeting? Before you hire them for an important position? Identify uses the Google Social Graph API and Yahoo! query language to pull together information on a user all in one handy location. Install the Firefox add-on and you’re all set. Then browse to a person’s profile page on almost any social network and Identify will pull up a list of networks the person is registered on.

What’s this good for? For starters According to 22% of hiring managers say they use social networking sites to research applicants, and of those, 34% say they’ve found content that kept them from hiring someone. If you’re in HR, this is going to make your life much simpler. It’s also good if you’re researching a story and need to see what networks someone is on and what they’re talking about, or to just find a little more information about someone before that big meeting.

Of course not all the networks a person is on may show up in the results.Maybe they’re not using the same user name, email or other information. In any case it’s an easy way to quickly scan profiles for more information.

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