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Hubspot 3 launches

Hubspot 3The Hubspot brand is well known for blog posts chock full of actionable information about marketing online. Whether it’s how to create a landing page that really converts, fine tune your email marketing, or how to make sure nobody misses your next webinar, Hubspot puts out great inbound content to learn from.

When I tell people I’m a Hubspot partner, the universal reaction is “Ooooh, I love Hubspot, they get it!”. While that is definitely true, I’m amazed to hear people don’t really know what Hubspot does. Hubspot’s marketing tools help you create inbound marketing through blog posts and landing pages optimized for maximum effect and amazing analytics to give you real insight on who comes to your website. You can create lead nurturing email campaigns that keep giving great information to your visitors and use those inbound marketing techniques to turn visitors into prospects and prospects into leads.

This new release really make it super-easy for a Hubspot client to create inbound marketing campaigns using the new workflow processes built into Hubspot 3. You can create a landing page to market your product in an easy drag and drop interface, customize the forms a user sees, create a clear call to action to draw people to the landing page and conduct A and B testing on all of it to fine tune your marketing and really see what works best to reach your target market. The best part is; now what used to take you a fair commitment of time can be done in minutes. The new workflow tool really streamlines the process for you.

All through the Hubspot process you can nurture leads and create workflows to continue the lifecycle of that contact and conversion to a sale.


Landing pages
Creating landing pages to focus a user’s interest on a specific topic and give them great information is key to inbound marketing. But creating and publishing a landing page can require a designer, a coder, the marketing team and possibly a consultant in SEO, user interface and conversion! Yeesh, no wonder it takes so long to get these things done. Now Hubspot is changing that. They’ve already done the conversion optimization for you within their templates.Pick your template as a starting point and add your own content. When you open the editor you see a preview of the landing page in real time and you can add interactive forms that tie into your lead nurturing program.All in a drag and drop interface. No programming required.

Smart forms
The new forms in Hubspot 3 use “Smart Forms” that actually remember a user when they visit your site. If they have downloaded an e-book in the past, smart forms will recognize them and fill in the required fields. This is going to remove one more barrier for users who simply don’t want to fill in all the fields every single time they download something. Good for the user, good for you because they don’t leave!

Social media publishing
With the social media publishing tool you can view blog posts, landing pages and calls to action in a visual browser right in the tool. This allows you to easily promote them on your chosen social networks and schedule them to post at a particular time. The Hubspot tool even suggests the most appropriate times to post to reach your network most effectively. There’s also a bookmarklet, so you can post to your social networks from your browser on the fly.

Know your contacts
The social media contacts tool give you amazing insight into your contacts. Once someone is entered into your contact database, either by adding a client list or when they download one of your e-books, you can follow what that person is saying on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and interact with them directly, turning a prospect into a warm lead the right way, by having a conversation and providing value. No more cold calls! In addition the smart contacts toll shows the history of that contact with your company and give you an idea of where that lead is in the decision making process, making it easy for you to reach out to them with the right information at the right time.

For me the analytics in the old Hubspot were a real eye opener. Hubspot 3 really makes those analytics even better. You can see what pages are assisting in conversions, which ones really convert a casual visitor to a buyer and see what path users really take to converting to buyers, including which inbound links got them there in the first place. Is your social media outreach really generating direct leads? Is your paid search getting people to the website and then losing the conversion? Use this data to fine-tune your inbound marketing strategy with the built-in A and B testing capabilities.

Get a demo!
So, all this sounds great right? Wanna peek under the hood? Cool, I can give you a tour of the new Hubspot features and even set up a free demo.

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