Great Wine and Conversation

July 27, 2009

Just a quick shout out to everybody from the Wine Bloggers Conference ( WBC09 ) in Santa Rosa. The Open Wine Consortium and Zephyr Wine Adventures did an amazing job!

It was fun getting to know some of you and meet some of my Twitter friends face to face. Thanks for your patience with a relative wine-noob. Your reception of my presentation and all of the great comments and emails I’ve gotten really make my day. Here’s a link to the promised page full of links discussed in the presentation, as well as the presentation slides.

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  • Thanks Janet! I was really happy to get some of the info down from your presentation. Always interested in checking out new things online. This is a huge help since I missed the first portion.

    Hope to see you next year in Walla Walla, and look forward to your tweets.


  • Your presentation was awesome!

    So much to learn and so little time.

    Thanks for posting the presentation slides. There was so information I couldn’t take notes fast enough.

    I would love to take a full day seminar with you sometime soon.

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