Google’s new version of the Facebook Like

Google just introduced their “plus 1” button. It hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet, but you’ll probably see it soon. If you’re in a big hurry you can sign into Google’s Experimental Labs and add this experiment to your services. Here’s a video description of how it works (from Google’s point of view.)

So who sees your +1’s? People in your Google chat or Gmail lists, stored in Google Contacts or who you are following in Google Reader or Buzz. Learn more about managing your social connections and view your existing connections in Google’s help section.

It seems that Google is taking on the Facebook like, and +1 buttons will start showing up on web sites so you can like a web site and have it show up in your like stream too. Your +1’s will be visible to anyone in the lists above, or , if you set your +1 settings to public, anyone can see what pages you’ve clicked the +1 button on by just visiting your Google profile.

So what’s the downside here? Just like Facebook “Likes”, advertisers can also access this information and form an idea of who you are, where you go online and what you prefer to fine tune ads for you. Is this a bad thing? Is it going to stir up another privacy debate?

Likely so…

What do you think?

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