Google+ and Lessons Learned

I saw a message on Google+ yesterday from the-ever on top of the newest app-Louis Gray that made me cringe. It was about an import tool called Facebook Exodus. Basically it allows you to invite your entire Facebook friends list to Google+. Of course you could pick and choose but if you’ve got a lot of friends you could be tempted to just invite them all. ARRGGGHHH!!

Facebook shut the application down immediately, and I’m thinking that’s not exactly a bad thing.

I don’t want all my connections on Google+ yet, maybe ever.
It’s a common discussion with people who’ve been on social networks for a long time. “I let people I didn’t really know into my Facebook friends and now it’s full of people I don’t really talk to.” “My Twitter following is out of control with noise and spam”. “Linkedin is a mass of people I don’t know about or care about but I followed them anyway, just in case”.

Here’s what I love about Google+
It’s a whole new network and the circles idea gives me an opportunity to re-organize my network in a way that makes sense to me. I’m taking my time with it and connecting only with people I really feel I want to talk to or who regularly share information that is relevant to me. Sure, I follow Pirillo and Scoble, and we’re not really friends, but they share stuff I like to know about.

I also find that it has some of the features of Facebook that we would have used before we let all those high school chums, the garden club and our clients connect with us on Facebook. Passionate people having personal discussions about their causes, their toys, their lives without feeling like everybody is watching. I’m also discovering new people from outside my circles of usual suspects and that’s a delight.

For now, for a narrow window of time, access to Google+ is limited and I’m enjoying having threaded discussions with other people who are passionate about the same things I am. I’m relishing that and the feeling of adventure as we all share new ways to use it and new tools to make it better. This is geek fun at it’s best.

So if I don’t follow you on Google+ please don’t take it personally. I’m having fun, and until G+ is really useful for my clients, and we know it’s going to survive, I’m just going to enjoy it and not make it about business.

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  • LClarkgraphicdesign

    Janet I see it as  a problem as well. I do love the ease of Google+ “circles” and want to keep the numbers low to see how it will be controlled. I am now in the midst of breaking up my “friends in Facebook to different groups to keep my postings more controlled.” I will be more careful with Google+. But I must say this is becoming work for the average user and people are feeling the social media burnout.

  • Yes it is becoming work but there are some new tools for cross posting between networks that are a big help. If you’re on Chrome check out these tools.

  • Yes it is becoming work but there are some new tools for cross posting between networks that are a big help. If you’re on Chrome check out these tools.

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