Give to Haitian Relief – With an iPhone App

Recently I’ve been testing quite a few geo-location “games” and none of them  feel better for playing than Causeworld. Causeworld launched an iPhone and Android app in December that allows you to “check in” at merchants and collect “karma points”. Points can be donated to a number of worthy causes ranging from feeding the hungry and giving clean water to caring for injured animals or planting trees. causeworld

It’s also a pretty good way to find shops near you you might not have found on your own. As you move the app refreshes ad locates shops and services near you to visit. When you are at the shop you can check in and collect points. Usually you have to be pretty close to the actual location to check in, and not every shop may be represented, but overall it’s been pretty close

The whole thing is made possible by a grant of $500,000 from Kraft Foods and Citibank. You don’t have to buy anything, just checking in as you go about your day is enough to collect karma points and donate them to the causes of your choice.

One charity just added to Causeworld’s donation opportunities is the Red Cross, which has tagged the funds for relief efforts in Haiti and Shopkick, the builders of the app are kicking in a matching donation.

So, what are you waiting for? Chip in and start collecting karma to send to causes you care about. It’s just as fun as Foursquare and other geo-location games, but it has the added bonus of giving back to the world.

Causeworld also has a Facebook page where you can see the latest news.