Free Twitter Background Design Sites

Looking for a spiffy upgrade for your Twitter page?
There have been several sites popping up lately that can help. Here’s a quick list in no particular order, and in typical Twitter style these are all free for you to use.

  • TwitterBacks Gives you good information on building a Twitter Background and a downloadable PSD to get you started.
  • Twitter Patterns Offers up some slick backgrounds to download and customize.
  • Tweetstyle Has free downloadable backgrounds, guidelines and a video to explain how to install it.
  • TwitBacks Add your photo, your contact info and Twitbacks lays it all out for you with appropriate placement.
  • 26 Awesome backgrounds for Fanboys and Girls. Gives you color ideas and a graphic to spiff up your style.
  • BoinBlog gives you a PSD to customize.
  • Twitter Treats Free Twitter Backgrounds.


Did I miss your favorite? Add it in the comments, and show off your custom background here too. It might just get you some new followers!

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Jen Harris

Free backgrounds are great! I want to make sure people know when choosing a new background do NOT make it look like a brochure. The only link showing should go to your blog which tells about you (don't put one in the left sidebar because it is only a picture & will not link anywhere!) When people are directed to your site it will also give people the opportunity to read what you are writing & possibly comment on topics that they feel they could contribute.
Happy Wednesday

Matt Clark

http://www.tweetpages.comhas three FREE every month.
They have $3 instant downloads, $23 semi-custom and $73 custom.


So, here's my background – I created myself.


Great list of sites here! Would love to be added in any future lists you put together of twitter background sites. We work hard to make a lot of free designs available for people!


Great list Janet. Would you please add BirdBacks, to the list? This is an upcoming web based twitter background design shop that offers great twitter background packages! Thanks! πŸ™‚


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