Free Twitter Background Design Sites

Looking for a spiffy upgrade for your Twitter page?
There have been several sites popping up lately that can help. Here’s a quick list in no particular order, and in typical Twitter style these are all free for you to use.

  • TwitterBacks Gives you good information on building a Twitter Background and a downloadable PSD to get you started.
  • Twitter Patterns Offers up some slick backgrounds to download and customize.
  • Tweetstyle Has free downloadable backgrounds, guidelines and a video to explain how to install it.
  • TwitBacks Add your photo, your contact info and Twitbacks lays it all out for you with appropriate placement.
  • 26 Awesome backgrounds for Fanboys and Girls. Gives you color ideas and a graphic to spiff up your style.
  • BoinBlog gives you a PSD to customize.
  • Twitter Treats Free Twitter Backgrounds.


Did I miss your favorite? Add it in the comments, and show off your custom background here too. It might just get you some new followers!

  • Free backgrounds are great! I want to make sure people know when choosing a new background do NOT make it look like a brochure. The only link showing should go to your blog which tells about you (don't put one in the left sidebar because it is only a picture & will not link anywhere!) When people are directed to your site it will also give people the opportunity to read what you are writing & possibly comment on topics that they feel they could contribute.
    Happy Wednesday

  • http://www.tweetpages.comhas three FREE every month.
    They have $3 instant downloads, $23 semi-custom and $73 custom.

  • CSDesign

    So, here's my background – I created myself.

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  • Great list of sites here! Would love to be added in any future lists you put together of twitter background sites. We work hard to make a lot of free designs available for people!

  • Great list Janet. Would you please add BirdBacks, to the list? This is an upcoming web based twitter background design shop that offers great twitter background packages! Thanks! 🙂