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It’s no shock to anyone who knows me that I’m not a big fan of Facebook. It’s not personal really I just think they’ve treated their less tech savvy users pretty badly in the past by simply not making the user interface easy to understand, constantly changing the layout and options, much less the security gaffes.

But that just might all change now. Really. I mean it. Facebook has made some major strides lately to improve usability and even reporting through their “Facebook insights”. First off there’s the new admin center to manage your for Facebook pages . No more rooting around trying to figure out where things are and what to do with ’em.

They introduced a new version of Facebook groups that allows you to pull together a group of friends to talk amongst yourselves. These groups can be private or public and added some new features that are specific to more of a work-group mentality like uploading documents etc. Here’s a post on the Social Media Coaching Center with more on that one too.

Facebook also makes it a whole lot easier to backup your information with a simple one click interface in your settings tab. We highly recommend you do this once in a while, especially if you have a lot of images or conversations that are only on Facebook you want to keep safe.

Facebook  | Download your information

As for all those applications you’ve been signing up for and forgetting, now you can which applications are seeing your data and when they last accessed it all in one place as well. Just click on “Privacy Settings”.

Last but not least the Facebook insights which gives you information on who accesses your page and how often, is getting richer too. With the insights dashboard will give you a better look at the applications you use, and even some information on sharing metrics and demographic information on your website’s domain. Learn more on the Facebook Developer Blog.

It may be that Facebook is finally listening to users and giving them access to the information they need to really use the site effectively. What do YOU think?

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  • Updated November 2, 2010
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Ari Herzog

Yup. Facebook also realizes that users can download comparable data from Twitter and LinkedIn, so stepping up indeed. (You knew about the other two, right?)

Janet Fouts

Well hello Ari, long time no see! Yep I knew, but I'm not sure a lot of people did. Actually I'm a big fan of Backupify which backs up Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google docs and a bunch of other stuff (not Linkedin yet). You can never have enough backups of your info IMHO.


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