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Facebook Headache #6? We have a cure.

November 27, 2017

Have you been having issues editing link previews, titles or descriptions when you create a link post on Facebook?

Or maybe you chose not to add Open Graph tags to your website because you didn’t want to deal with managing that extra code and update the markup all the time? I feel you. But your struggle may soon be over.

Facebook stopped allowing users to customize these elements when you post on your page a while ago. They likely did this because fake news and scammer sites were adding images and editing titles and descriptions to use as click bait to get you to click through to the story.

Unfortunately, that made life difficult for those of us just trying to get our work done. What if the image Facebook chooses isn’t representative of what you want people to see? What if the thumbnail is not the right size or there is simply a typo in the title?

You’d either have to create a photo post and put the link there, which is klunky at best,  or fix the error on the website first and then post. Messy.

Facebook did give us a fix though, and it’s fairly simple. Just prove that you own the domain by connecting it to your business manager.

Connecting your domain to Facebook Business Manager through Domain Verification

facebook domain verificationHere’s how you do this.

Go to your Facebook business manager and click the settings button

Under business settings you’ll find the option “Domains”.

Click it and then “Add Domain”

Enter your domain name only (janetfouts.com not https://janetfouts.com)

Now you’ll get a message saying it is not verified and walking you through the next steps:

  • Add a DNS text record to your domain registrars DNS record (May take time to process)
  • Upload an HTML file to your website in the root directory.


I chose the upload HTML file option simply because I don’t like messing around with DNS files. This is easier for me, but your web developer should be able to handle this for you. Follow the step by step directions and you’ll be fine.

Once you’ve done that, click the “verify” button and you’ll see this pop up.



BUT. You’re not quite done yet. You’ll want to assign your page (or pages) to this domain to connect them.

Go back to business settings, click Domains again.

Here you can assign any page currently in your business manager to this domain. If the page you want to connect isn’t in business manager, you’ll need to add the page to business manager.

Click “Assign pages” and you can connect your page to the domain.

Now you’ll be able to edit images, titles and descriptions as you used to be able to do. Please note, that doesn’t mean you can get all click baity. That’s just not cool, but you can fix issues that will help people understand the value of the content and click through to read it. That’s a win all around, isn’t it?


Voila! Now you can edit the title, description, even upload a new image.

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  1. It’s pretty easy to upload an HTML file to a website rather than editing the DNS. I’m not crazy about these third-party tools they just get in my way

  2. Thanks, Janet, great writeup! If you’re working with a client and they don’t know how to edit their DNS records, this unfortunately won’t work. We’ve been using http://www.sharekit.io for the past few weeks and so far, it’s been working well for us. They allow you to change the title, description, and image of link previews without having to verify the domain through the Business Manager.

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