Facebook- FBML or iFrames?

Build your own Facebook PagesEverybody is talking about the deadline on March 11 when Facebook will no longer allow users to add new FBML applications to their Facebook page. Lots of people see this as a good thing, (including me) as FBML has lots of quirks and any coder is doing back flips to be able to design real PHP pages and deliver content in a frame instead of having to thread it through all the FBML and strip out a lot of the functionality they could be offering on a typical web page.

On the other hand FBML does a few things that we can’t do yet with iframed content on a web site. Sure, you can use the social plugins and some code to do a lot of it, but it’s not all there yet. Besides, if you’re not a coder, or don’t have one working for you, it can be a bit daunting to create a Facebook application and the code for the iframes yourself.

So what’s a girl to do?
Easy. Go follow this tutorial to add FBML tabs to your Facebook Page now, in case you need them. Nobody will know, you remove the tabs from the navigation like this. This buys you some time to decide if you want to use FBML or you’re ready to jump into iframes.

Now for the exciting part!
We’ve been hard at work pulling together a series of step by step tutorials to show you how do do both FBML and iFrame Facebook pages, complete with code you can download to customize for your own pages. We’re calling it the Facebook Success Kit and it’s loaded up with tutorials for both FBML and iFrame tutorials, source code, strategies and tips and tricks to build a successful business page on Facebook. We’ll be updating it as Facebook adds new features and probably changes the rules again.

If you want to keep on top of the changes on Facebook and understand how it affects your business you can Google your brains out, read a pile of RSS feeds or you can trust us to filter out the best stuff and tell you all about it on the site. Check it out.