Facebook Adds Dropbox Integration for Groups

Back in May Facebook announced they were going to allow document uploads to Facebook groups  to enable file sharing inside the groups.Athough it is a good idea in theory, in practice it’s clunky at best andhardtotrack changes if any collaboration goes on at all.
So today’s announcement that Facebook is integrating Dropbox into Facebook groups is pretty huge.
Announced on the Dropbox blog   you will now be able to share a Dropbox within the group and see updated files in real time.
“Once you choose to link Facebook to your Dropbox account, you’ll be able to search through your Dropbox and select what you’d like to share. Docs, photos, and videos shared from Dropbox will show up on the group’s wall and can also be viewed on a smartphone or tablet.”
This adds a huge amount of functionality to groups, and you should start seeing it roll out into Dropbox accounts today. For more information on how to upload Dropboxfiles to your Facebook Group visit Dropbox’s help files here.
  • fouts
  • September 26, 2012