6 embarrassing email mistakes and how to fix them

email mistakes and how to fix themWe’ve all gotten emails and thought to ourselves “What the heck were they thinking?”.Here are a few of the most annoying mistakes and how to fix them. If you’ve got your own to share please share in the comments!

Emailing your newsletter to your connections on LinkedIn
Why not? Well, in the first place if I wanted your newsletter I’d sign up for it. In the second place it’s highly likely that the content you just sent me isn’t relevant to every single connection so you’ve just told us you don’t care if it’s relevant.

What to do differently
Send only information that will be relevant to your contacts. Pick a few contacts each week who will find your information worthwhile and send them a link to that information with a personal message.

Generic “personal” messages
It’s all the vogue now to send emails that really seem they’re from a real person. I.E. “Hey Janet, I know you’ve been thinking about attending this conference, here are 3 reasons you should come!” That’s all well and good until it’s immediately a sales pitch, isn’t something I have ever expressed interest in, or worse yet, I see a generic close “We know some of you have mentioned…”

What to do differently
These personal sounding emails do work, but be careful to read the message to be sure there are no red flags letting people know it’s a broadcast. Follow thorough with the promise of personal interaction.

Lack of segmentation
Sending emails to all of your subscribers only works if you hit everyone’s interests. Unless you got them to sign up based on the same topics each time it’s unlikely you will appeal to everyone every single time.

What to do differently
Create segmented email lists around the topics you plan to talk about and then send targeted emails to recipients likely to actually care.

Dear {insert name}
How many times have you gotten one of these? Most of the time it’s because you don’t even see the personalization field or you copied a template from one mail delivery service to another and they don’t use the same code. It’s a small detail but it really makes you look like an amateur.

What to do differently
Send yourself a test message and really review it before you hit send to your subscribers.

Boring content
If you don’t catch readers in the first sentence you’ve lost us. Then if you top that off with a sell, sell sell, we’re gonna delete the email unread.

What to do differently
Make your headings catchy and interesting. Most of us scan the email for something that grabs our interest, then read further. Be interesting and engage readers. Post relevant and useful content.

Over formatting
Yeah, we know you spend a lot of time thinking about how to format your beautiful newsletter, agonizing over the header and the layout, but if it’s broken and twisted into an unformatted mess when I get it I’m going to laugh (or cry) and hit delete.

What to do differently
Look at your template in multiple email browsers and on mobile devices. Look at it with images turned off. Come up with something that is easily viewable in all formats.

Bottom line
It all comes down to this. Test, check the copy, read it aloud, then email it to yourself and test again. You may only get one chance with your readers, so put your best foot forward and be interesting!

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