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Do you need Kwout?

Because of the way I work, I’m forever looking for more efficient ways to take clippings from the web and share them with my networks. I recently wrote about Evernote, which really has made it easy to save information on multiple devices. I use Skitch to annotate screen shots, and Amplify to quickly clip some content and share it on their service so others can comment on it.

kwout pulls a lot of the best features of some of these apps together in a bookmarklet that enables clipping images and text, but the cool part is you can clip a screen shot of a set of links and kwout converts the image to an image map so all the links are active. How cool is that? You can then post the info to your blog, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Evernote and a host of other sites that allow embedding.

So let’s say I want to share this post from KD Paine’s blog about the changing dynamics for Marketers and PR folks, and specifically the links to the reports she mentions. I can clip the item with kwout, send it straight to Twitter, drop it into Evernote for later use, or add it to my blog as a click able image map and a link to her site so you can read the rest of it.

How cool is that?

Once you’ve posted something using kwout you can go to their site, drop in your domain name and see a history of posted items.

I have to say I spent some time messing around with the annotation tools as well. These are 3rd party apps from Pixir and Any Canvas, and they don’t really compete with the ease of use in Skitch, but all in all this is a very cool tool, and an excellent addition to your blogging toolkit.

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