Diving into a Meme

I was tagged to participate in this meme by Lynn Morton who writes a really great blog called “Social Networking for Association Professionals“. I’m in amazing company and honored to make her list. The idea is to tell 5 fun things about myself and then choose 5 people I’d like to know better to meme and take it from there.

Here we go:

1. I am addicted to watching HULU while I work. I watch Bones, House, Heroes, Terminator, Start-up Junkies, Kitchen Nightmares,Saturday Night Live (during the elections)  Lost and the Fringe while coding. Somehow that background noise just helps me focus. Really. It does.

2. I am self taught. Anybody who knows me knows I love to learn and it’s been my addiction and why I love this business so. Every single day I learn something new and it’s my guiding passion. Every challenge is an opportunity and I love that.

3. IF I had a theme song for my blissfully happy marriage, it very well might be “I Believe I Love You” by Crystal Waters. Although tomorrow it might be Bron Y Aur Stomp by Led Zeppelin. My SO is the grounding center of my life.

4. Many people ask if I have a Tatu because that’s the name of my company. Quick answer. Why yes, I do.

5. I have had a strange turn of careers over the years, but I just think of it as well rounded. I’ve been a bartender, meat wrapper, dog catcher, deputy sheriff, vet school drop-out, horse trainer, executive chef, cooking teacher and cooked in some of the bay area’s finest restaurants, CEO of a start-up or two, community manager, web designer, course designer, and  social media coach.

Now for the really interesting part where I get to tag people I want to know more about.

1. Kristie Wells. Kristie is a founding member of the Social Media Club and her generosity and knowledge of social media can’t be overrated. She’s also a hella nice person.

2. Chris Brogan. I don’t know Chris personally, but I already know that if I did, I’d like him. His posts are thoughtful, and the guy clearly has a generous heart.

3. Liz Strauss. Liz has helped more people “get it” than anyone I know. She’s smart, and she shares her knowledge with anybody who will share back. That’s generosity people.

4. Neenz Faleafine. This woman is the heart and soul of Alltop.com. What cool job. I have a sneakin’ suspicion that she’s interesting in her own right. Now’s our chance to find out?

5. Tara Hunt. Tara just plain gets it, and I love the attitude of her posts and her book, the Whuffie Factor. She’s a smart cookie.

C’mon peeps (or should I say Tweeps?) your turn.

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Kristie Wells

Hi Janet! Will work on getting my 5 things shortly…thanks for thinking of me.


José Eduardo, you should post a link to yours too and I'd count you as number 6. I guess the 6th fact about me is that I love wine but know absolutely nothing about Portugese wine.

Lynn Morton

This is awesome! Thanks for playing with me, I appreciate it and learned a lot about you. 🙂

Yeah tattoo(tatu) awesomeness!


Cool, add a link here too if you please so we can follow the thread.

José Eduardo

Hi Janet! This meme thing is really rocking around the world. Here in Europe we have to tell 6 and not 5 things about us and the 6 friends. But it's funny to see how it develops into a social self branding soon we will have a couple of start ups to show us all how to do it. Thanks for sharing your 5 "unknown facts" with us. Cheers from Portugal.


Cheers for writing about this. FYI – here's some more info about watch bones you might like!


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