Diving into a Meme

I was tagged to participate in this meme by Lynn Morton who writes a really great blog called “Social Networking for Association Professionals“. I’m in amazing company and honored to make her list. The idea is to tell 5 fun things about myself and then choose 5 people I’d like to know better to meme and take it from there.

Here we go:

1. I am addicted to watching HULU while I work. I watch Bones, House, Heroes, Terminator, Start-up Junkies, Kitchen Nightmares,Saturday Night Live (during the elections)  Lost and the Fringe while coding. Somehow that background noise just helps me focus. Really. It does.

2. I am self taught. Anybody who knows me knows I love to learn and it’s been my addiction and why I love this business so. Every single day I learn something new and it’s my guiding passion. Every challenge is an opportunity and I love that.

3. IF I had a theme song for my blissfully happy marriage, it very well might be “I Believe I Love You” by Crystal Waters. Although tomorrow it might be Bron Y Aur Stomp by Led Zeppelin. My SO is the grounding center of my life.

4. Many people ask if I have a Tatu because that’s the name of my company. Quick answer. Why yes, I do.

5. I have had a strange turn of careers over the years, but I just think of it as well rounded. I’ve been a bartender, meat wrapper, dog catcher, deputy sheriff, vet school drop-out, horse trainer, executive chef, cooking teacher and cooked in some of the bay area’s finest restaurants, CEO of a start-up or two, community manager, web designer, course designer, and  social media coach.

Now for the really interesting part where I get to tag people I want to know more about.

1. Kristie Wells. Kristie is a founding member of the Social Media Club and her generosity and knowledge of social media can’t be overrated. She’s also a hella nice person.

2. Chris Brogan. I don’t know Chris personally, but I already know that if I did, I’d like him. His posts are thoughtful, and the guy clearly has a generous heart.

3. Liz Strauss. Liz has helped more people “get it” than anyone I know. She’s smart, and she shares her knowledge with anybody who will share back. That’s generosity people.

4. Neenz Faleafine. This woman is the heart and soul of Alltop.com. What cool job. I have a sneakin’ suspicion that she’s interesting in her own right. Now’s our chance to find out?

5. Tara Hunt. Tara just plain gets it, and I love the attitude of her posts and her book, the Whuffie Factor. She’s a smart cookie.

C’mon peeps (or should I say Tweeps?) your turn.

  • Hi Janet! Will work on getting my 5 things shortly…thanks for thinking of me.

  • José Eduardo, you should post a link to yours too and I'd count you as number 6. I guess the 6th fact about me is that I love wine but know absolutely nothing about Portugese wine.

  • This is awesome! Thanks for playing with me, I appreciate it and learned a lot about you. 🙂

    Yeah tattoo(tatu) awesomeness!

  • Cool, add a link here too if you please so we can follow the thread.

  • Hi Janet! This meme thing is really rocking around the world. Here in Europe we have to tell 6 and not 5 things about us and the 6 friends. But it's funny to see how it develops into a social self branding soon we will have a couple of start ups to show us all how to do it. Thanks for sharing your 5 "unknown facts" with us. Cheers from Portugal.

  • Cheers for writing about this. FYI – here's some more info about watch bones you might like!

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